Aal is proud to have a profile as a cultural and natural community.

We like to share our nature with all who seek a peaceful experience in wild and mountainous areas.

You can take a tour of the ridge near the villages or go far and high into the mountains.

Out Cultural Center have two amfis, café, library, tourist information and great galleries and museums.

In nature you get physical challenges and recreation in the breathtaking scenery, in close contact with the traditions, people and animals in the mountain farm areas.

It is your choice: Whether it is a trip on foot, by bicycle  or with backpack and fishing rod.

Winter in Aal offers a plethora of activities.

As a tour skier you will find 400 km of cross-country tracks.

Aal Ski Center and Skarslia Skiing and Sledding are suitable for those who enjoy skiing and tobogganing.

Our area is in addition to being a fantastic base for your ski trip, host city for kite and kite skiing.