After Aal Sparebank had been accommodated in several different buildings at Sundre ( center area of ??Aal ) for 27 years , they moved into their own house in 1897. The house was a large log house , built in Swiss style .

In 1931 there broke out a fire at Sundre , and virtually entire center was laid in ashes. But the bank building was standing , although it was greatly at risk . It caught fire in the detached corner near the ceiling , but by knocking out a window and pour in snow and water , the people of Aal succeeded to quench the flames and the house was saved .

Around 1910 Gamlebanken was covered with paneling and painted. It was made a glass porch on the front . The house exterior is today much liked the house so it appeared then.

Indoors has been rebuilt several times .

In 1962 moved Aal Sparebank into a new house . Police Chief Svein Flatåker then bought the old bank . He had both office and residence in the house .
The house is for many Ålingen today synonymous with " Lensmannnskontoret " .

in 1985 the house was sold again , this time to an individual. He owned the house until we bought it in 2008.

After an extensive restoration period we opened the doors of the old Swiss building on the Norwegian National Day, I7th of May 2011.

Here are some glimpses from redecoration work that we have done :